Saturday, August 22, 2015



Congratulations to Monday’s round of 16 winners: 

United Fighters, BB Sixers, Burners, Vipers, Pak Stallion and Dragons.

Don't forget to bring your NYPD uniform, water, and ID Tuesday 08/25/15

0830 AM Pick up from designated location:

Brooklyn Knights                  vs               FFC
Thunderstom warriors           vs               Furious 11
Pak Stallion                           vs               Burners

1100 AM Pick up from designated location:

United Fighters                    vs               Vipers
BB Sixers                             vs               Dragons

Winners of first two early matches will also play a quarterfinal match.

Good Luck!!!


First we would like to thank all of the teams for an excellent competition thus far. Congratulations to all playoff competitors and good luck next year to everyone.

The elimination round of 16 teams will begin on Monday 08/24 with 6 matches. The other 4 matches and quarterfinals will be on Tuesday 08/25.

Below is a list of the pickup times for all the matches. Please read carefully as some teams play on Monday and some on Tuesday. Please be on time for your pickups. Vans will not be able to wait long because they have multiple pickups.

Thank you and good luck.

Monday 08/24 the following teams have pickups at 0830AM at their designated location:

(1)United Fighters     vs       (16) Thunderhawks
(5) Pakistan               vs       (12) Boom Boom Sixers
(7) Eagles                  vs       (10) Burners

Monday 08/24 the following teams have pickups at 1100AM at their designated location:

(2) Pak Stallion          vs      (15) Bengali Tigers
(8) Viper                    vs      (9) Predators
(4) Dragons                vs     (13) Daredevils

Tuesday 08/25 the following teams will be picked from the designated location at 0830AM:

(6) Brooklyn Knights            vs      (11) FFC
(3) Thunderstorm/Warriors   vs      (14) Furious 11

On Tuesday 08/25 we will also continue with all the winning teams competing in the quarterfinal matches.

Good luck and don't forget your water bottles


We would like to thank all the teams for the excellent games and competition. We would like to also wish everyone good luck in the playoffs quarterfinals on Monday. Please read carefully for your pick up time on Monday. FYI not all teams play on Monday. Wednesday pick up schedule will be posted Monday evening.

The following teams will be picked up at 1245 PM on Monday 08/24 at their designated locations:

Yemeni Falcons , Bronx International, Brooklyn International, Al-Noor, Bronx Stars, Nassara Allah

The following teams please report directly to the field by 145:

Balkan United and Bowne Wildcats


(1) Yemeni Falcons vs (8) Bowne Wildcats
(2) Balkan United vs (7) Nassara Allah
(3) Al-Noor vs (6) Brooklyn International
(4) Bronx International vs (5) Bronx Stars

Good luck and don't forget your water bottles.